Keep Your Supply Chain Working at its Prime While You Work from Home

How to maintain supply chain operations while working from home

(Originally recorded on 6/24/2020) Working from home can be a challenge. In this comprehensive webinar, we’ll show you how MarkMagic is helping manufacturers, retailers and distributors to keep up with ecommerce orders while staying safe at home.

In this webinar we’ll describe MarkMagic solutions to the following challenges:

  • Reroute Reports Automatically – Reports that print on office printers need to be rerouted to remote associates wherever they may be working. How can this be done automatically?
  • Spike in Drop Shipping – With a jump in people shopping from home during the pandemic, drop shipping compliance mandates have spiked in recent months. How to handle the special requirements that the drop shipping surge presents? You’ll find out.
  • Streamline Order Fulfillment – Some MarkMagic customers traditionally print and ship their carrier labels and packing lists to their suppliers (wherever they may be around the world) for order fulfillment. With fewer employees on site to do the printing and shipping and with package deliveries slow and unreliable, how do they get the shipping labels and pack lists to the suppliers? MarkMagic efficiently solves the problem while saving both time and money.