MarkMagic Helps West Four Group Stand Out from the Competition with On-Demand Color Label Printing

West Four Group Adds Color Label Printing Capabilities with Epson and MarkMagic Barcode Labeling Software

Focused on a number of industries including door manufacturing, building security supplies, and even creative services, West Four serves hundreds of customers across Western Canada.

Recently, West Four wanted to improve its product packaging. “Black and white just won’t cut it anymore,” says Jay Fafard, Executive VP at West Four. “We need to be able to speak to the customer more effectively.” So West Four turned to the CYBRA team for a solution. Adding color to product labels is a popular and effective way for brands to improve their brand image and customer loyalty. Brand recognition, product appeal, and competitive advantages have direct correlations to how items are packaged and designed. In fact, color used on products and in marketing communications enhances brand recognition by up to 80%.

In this case study, check out how MarkMagic helped West Four accomplish:

  • Create color labels with a 300 DPI full resolution image.
  • Print labels that include variable data pulled live from their system.
  • Reduce overhead by printing color labels on plain stock paper.