Knock Out Outbound Shipping Errors with RFID

How RFID Reduces Outbound Shipping Errors

(Originally recorded on 8/8/2018) Did you know with RFID, manufacturers and distributors can reduce shipping errors, while improving inventory accuracy? All while decreasing the amount of time it takes to run inventory numbers in a warehouse or facility. According to GS1, on average, manufacturers see an 80% improving in picking/packing accuracy, and an improvement in receiving time by as much as 90%.

Learn how the newest advances in RFID technology can improve your picking, packing, and outbound procedure accuracy. In this engaging and informative webinar you will learn how to:

  • Record your outbound EPC’s and fight expense offsets (charge backs).
  • Correct internal supply chain process flaws you currently cannot see.
  • Reduce temporary packers during peak season.
  • Catch shipping errors before it costs you both goods and money.
  • Achieve 99.97% outbound shipping accuracy in your warehouse.

In this webinar, CYBRA’s RFID gurus will discuss the latest order fulfillment techniques that are improving orders per hour by 30%.