Safety & Security Webinar: Mustering and Evacuation


Improve Your Organization's Evacuation Preparedness

(Originally recorded on 1/17/2018) In this webinar we will compare and analyze common mustering and evacuation procedures found in many organizations versus how Edgefinity IoT can handle a mustering and evacuation scenario.

“Accounting for all employees after an emergency evacuation has been completed” is one of the Department of Labor’s minimum requirements for an Emergency Action Plan (EAP). In this webinar you’ll learn how Edgefinity IoT can help you:

  • Monitor and record the location of personnel within a facility in real time.
  • Alert employees, vendors, and guests in the event of an emergency.
  • Extend your EAP across small, large and multiple sites.
  • Conduct a standard roll call, with real-time data.
  • Get immediate access to employees’ personal emergency contact information.
  • Filter employees evacuated based on status (out of office, on vacation, etc.).
  • Deliver location-based content such as safety information or a to-do checklist.
  • Ensure personnel is 100% accounted for, should an emergency occur.