5 Ways MarkMagic Can Boost Your eCommerce Initiatives

How MarkMagic Can Improve Manufacturers and Distributors eCommerce Efficiency

(Originally recorded on 10/3/2018) For the latest versions of MarkMagic we’ve put a big focus on eCommerce capabilities. For this webinar, the MarkMagic maestros, Ken Hunter and Chuck Roskow, will show you some MarkMagic techniques that can supercharge your eCommerce efforts.

In this engaging and informative webinar you will learn how to:

  • Get new MarkMagic eCommerce templates for free!
  • Leverage MarkMagic’s PDF capabilities to dynamically serve your website order process as well as to email your forms and labels.
  • Dynamically transform formats and PDF output based on your specific customer’s requirements without making any new forms or custom programming.
  • Use the template feature to trace existing forms and labels and make design effortless.
  • Catch a sneak peek at our upcoming “Pie Chart” feature.
  • Improve drop shipping efficiency via the Cloud, and Printing as a Service techniques.
  • Get a preview of MarkMagic’s upcoming SQL look up feature to access alternative data from any database without any programming.