How You Can Benefit from MarkMagic Digital Documents

Add flexibility to your forms and label printing processes by sharing your documents in PDF form, send as email attachments, and more.

How distribution teams can add flexibility to their printing processes by digitizing their Markmagic documents

(Originally recorded on 5/11/2021) In this focused 20-minute webinar, our MarkMagic gurus will present new and useful application ideas made possible by adding document digitization to your workflows. We will share techniques used by distributors, manufacturers, and fulfillment teams to gain a competitive edge by effortlessly adding PDF and emailing capabilities to their forms and labeling procedures.
In this webinar, we will cover:
  • How to enable emailing return labels and receipts for ecommerce customers.
  • How to output documents to the file system for integration with your website or phone system.
  • How to automatically incorporate variable images into your forms and/or labels and output a PDF file for ease of distribution to customers, vendors, and partners.