MarkMagic 9.5 is Here!

For MarkMagic 9.5 we’ve added support for Epson Colorworks® color inkjet label printers, printer support for several new Toshiba TEC printers, and support to print shipping data directly on Autobag® shipping baggers. New design capabilities include the ability to add shapes such as circles, ovals, arcs, and new line types, as well as new PDF features such as embedding URL links, and creating editable PDFs.


What's New with MarkMagic 9.5

(Originally recorded on 5/16/2018) The latest version of MarkMagic has even more of what our customers told us they want. We’ve added color printing capabilities, more printer type support, new design shapes and lines, and other goodies.

  • Epson Color Label Print Driver Support
  • Circle, Oval and Arc Fields
  • Autobag Printing Support
  • New Edit Feature for PDF Text Fields
  • Toshiba TEC Printer Support
  • New Lines Types for Laser and PDF
  • PDF URL Linking

These updates and features are available for users of MarkMagic 9.5 on the IBM i series, AIX, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Unix machines. Try MarkMagic 9.5 for free today!