How Manhattan WMS Users Supercharge Their Shipping with MarkMagic

How Manhattan WMS users maximize shipping efficiency with MarkMagic

(Originally recorded on 5/15/2019) The CYBRA team presents some awesome features and capabilities – both old and new – packed inside MarkMagic. These features are giving manufacturers and distributors big boosts to their supply chain initiatives. Here’s a quick rundown of what we show off:

Sato Duplex (part of MarkMagic’s Green Supply Chain Solutions)

  • Learn how to convert Manhattan Associates Zebra formats into Sato GY412 two-sided formats that save time, money, and resources.
  • See how easy duplex printing can be with MarkMagic’s “Duplex” printing parameters.
  • Get simple PrintTransformer rules to handle duplex printing as well as other valuable printing shortcuts.

FormWeaver for Collated e-Commerce forms (Print and PDF)

  • Merge shipping labels and packing lists into one collated form in minutes – without programming.
  • Learn how to use FormWeaver to automate Return Authorizations

Manhattan Associates SCALE Support

  • We will briefly review the benefits of combining MarkMagic with Manhattan Associates SCALE product

Leverage MarkMagic within your Manhattan Associates package to enhance your supply chain shipping. Save money and the planet. Watch this webinar and we’ll show you how!