Lone Worker Safety

There are tens of millions of lone workers in the United States. Lone workers perform activities in isolation from others, without close supervision. They are often deployed in remote locations, and in hazardous environments. Lone workers are further exposed to risk because there is no-one to assist them. Watch this webinar to learn how Edgefinity IoT can mitigate many of these risks.


Are your lone workers as safe as they could be?

(Originally recorded on 5/3/2018) Is your organization using best practices to ensure lone worker safety, security, and well-being? In this engaging and informative lone worker safety webinar we will show you how CYBRA’s Edgefinity IoT Safety and Security Solution can empower you to:

  • Know immediately if a lone worker has an accident
  • Ensure rapid response to a lone worker’s health emergency
  • Respond quickly to an active shooter scenario
  • Automatically escalate alerts intelligently

Watch this webinar and learn the most common risks facing lone workers.

Discover how even common hazards facing workers can become exponentially more dangerous when working alone. See how you can simplify and reduce the cost of maintaining your safety and security systems, while adding new capabilities with CYBRA’s groundbreaking Edgefinity IoT Safety and Security solution.