How to Automate and Transform Your Forms and Label Processing

Give your supply chain a jolt by adding powerful dynamic formatting to your forms and labels. Define conditional behavior at the field level with MarkMagic. Dramatically reduce the number of formats you need to maintain.

(Originally recorded on 6/8/2021)In this focused 20-minute webinar, the MarkMagic team will show how you can take control over your label and document management. Check out how MarkMagic brings dynamic everything to your document output. We will share compelling examples how you can alter forms and labels with minimal effort and no programming whatsoever.
In this webinar, we will cover:
  • Print/PDF/Email/Archive label and business documents conditionally based on variable data and/or job attributes.
  • Make formats SMART: MarkMagic users can leverage Rules and Conditions to dynamically change barcodes, text, logos, lines and much more at print time.
  • How to automatically transform and print a PDF document when a record is added to a physical file or when a spooled output file appears in a queue.