2021 RFID Integration Guide

A complete guide that will help retail brand owners, manufacturers, and distributors reap great benefits from integrating RFID into their supply chain.

The Guide to RFID Deployment Success

Have you been handed an EPC mandate to tag your merchandise with RFID tags? Brand owners and manufacturers can use RFID tags themselves to manage inventory, and improve their own supply chain. To help retail manufacturers and distributors understand the intricacies of EPC mandates, RFID implementation, and, most importantly, how to benefit from a mandate, we decided to publish this complete RFID implementation guide.

Written by one of the most knowledgeable minds in the entire Auto-ID industry, The 2021 RFID Integration Guide will give you tremendous insight into EPC mandates, and how to benefit from them. If you’ve recently been handed a mandate to add RFID tags to your merchandise by retailers, this ebook is for you. Key items highlighted in this ebook:

  • Four ways RFID can benefit retail brand owners
  • How to take a pilot RFID project to production
  • The five step plan for RFID deployment success

Download the ebook to learn how to turn an retailer’s EPC mandate into a great investment.